Fish Markets of the World: A Photo Essay

Thank you to Blacklane for sponsoring this post. Scroll down for more info. The chaos of an early morning clamor for seafood is balm on my jet-lagged soul. The hours match up with my skewed body clock, giving me something to do besides count the flies on my hotel ceiling. Rows of freshly caught fish, stacked and ready to sell give me something besides empty roads to feast my eyes upon and the strange hours of fisherman and fishmongers mean the promise of a hearty meal at all hours. As I semi-professionally wander about the world, the fish market is often my first glimpse of a new … [Read more...]

Lessons from a Chinese Roommate Part 2: Whole Steamed Fish

I consider myself a fairly adventurous eater so I was okay with it when one of the restaurants I worked in started serving whole sardines, head and all. As I watched the waiters get squemish, I was a little bummed that these staff of a seafood restaurant would be so scared of a fish head. It brought me back to my first whole fish experience, watching Tracey steam up whole trout in our kitchen, then excitedly pluck out the eyeballs. So I mosied down to my local Whole Foods and picked up a nice whole trout. It was cleaned already, which was nice, since I have no idea how one cleans a fish. To … [Read more...]

McCormick and Schmicks

So I was underwhelmed in general by McCormick and Schmick's Fish Bar on 4th. It was like the service was by a teenager recently promoted from McDonalds. He didn't know the menu, got orders wrong, etc. Not to mention there was bugworms crawling on my table! … [Read more...]