My Love Affair with Mexico City

Part 1 of my food blogger's guide to Mexico: Eating well in Mexico City (aka D. F.) Mexico City just might be the ultimate food vacation destination. Oh, I’m enamored with Beijing myself, I enjoyed a little Hanoi, no lie, and I wouldn’t turn down a return trip to Thailand either. Yet, if you asked me where you should go first, I’d direct you to Mexico City for incredible high-end cuisine at ridiculous bargain prices, for the well-known killer street food culture, and for a drinking scene that offers century-old traditional pulque next door to a modern microbrewery. “Is it safe?” I had … [Read more...]

Beijing part 1: Street Food Favorites

The people of Beijing are hardy stock--everyone perfectly dressed and coifed despite the frigid temperatures, a street life, food vendors included, that is not hampered by the dry cold that froze me immediately. Needless to say, one of the best cures for a half-frostbitten fingers is to hold something warm, something comforting, something delicious, between my hands. To heat my belly with the fire of spicy, delicious food fresh from the nearest bundled up cook on the sidewalk. The man above is making the snack on the left, a thin, crispy egg wrapper filled with two kinds of sauce, one of … [Read more...]

I’m Home…and the First of the Food Pics: Bangkok

Well, I'm back! The first thing I did upon returning was to catch up on the new episodes of Top Chef and cook a little bit. My food was terrible--you don't think about it, but not cooking for a while, you get out of practice, little things didn't happen as automatically as they ought to. But I'm sure that its like riding a bike, I'll be fine by tomorrow. Now to what you've all been waiting for--Food pictures from the trip! As much as I'd love to post all the pictures from the whole trip and talk about all of them, I'd probably lose half my food readers in boring babbles and I wouldn't be … [Read more...]