The Best of 2013

I’d say that the reason my 2013 wrap-up isn’t coming out until mid-March of 2014 is because I had a food hangover, but that’s not true. Hangover connotes sick, ugly, gross feelings, and I have quite the opposite. Instead, I’ve retained glee, a glow, and an excitement about what more is to come. 2013 was a year of amazing eating: I visited four countries and six states, and feel that I can confidently declare I ate the best of all of them. But what were the best things that I ate, the best restaurants I went to, the best dining innovations I found? I have the answers for you. Best Place … [Read more...]

Learn to breakdown and process chickens, lamb and mutton in the Seattle area

I just got the coolest email. As you may have noticed, I am a big fan of getting involved in the entire process of bringing animals to the table, from them being born to how they die. A local Seattle farm is now offering the opportunity for anyone to learn to process and butcher animals. I am ridiculously excited about this, though sad that I won't be able to attend all parts of it. I hope that some of you, darling readers, are able to and can give me a full report! Here's the email I received, verbatim. [I received the e-mail through the Seattle P-Patch mailing list] Greetings Washington … [Read more...]