Little Nibbles: Challah, Chocolate Wine, New Dim Sum

Warm up a chilly fall Monday morning with the scent of bread baking, the sound of wine pouring and the taste of dim sum on your tongue. A quick round up of all things delicious, in my kitchen, in my city and around the world... First and foremost: It's all about ME! I have a new column on the Seattle Weekly's Voracious Blog: On Monday mornings, you'll now find my recommendations for where to eat on Monday nights (when everything else is closed). Check out my first column, up today, on the Leary Traveler. Fresh Baked Challah The recent Jewish Holidays got me into a baking mode and … [Read more...]

10 Reasons I loved the Molly Dooker Wine Dinner

With a background in marketing and a love for great wine, I have but one take away from the Molly Dooker wine dinner I went to at the Tulalip Casino. They are sooooo cool. Yup, that's my technical term for it. The guys from Molly Dooker wine have branding, selling, marketing and wine-making completely nailed down and I was lucky enough to witness it in person. But even with that one take away, I'm going to break down for you just why they're so cool. I was invited to the dinner as a guest of Tulalip's public relations firm, so I went in a little apprehensive. I expected the hard sell and to … [Read more...]